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MEMBER UPDATE: Cambodia Ministry of Environment launches Zoning Guideline for Protected Areas

To ensure the effective management of protected areas and sustainable use of natural resources, Cambodia has launched its first Zoning Guideline for Protected Areas based on the Protected Areas Law. Developed by the Ministry of Environment, the guideline aims to provide natural resources practitioners with the tools and knowledge to identify and classify protected areas into different zones: core, conservation, sustainable use and community zones.Zoning is the key to preventing conflicts related to natural resources use and management of protected areas. Zoning also helps to improve conservation and management effectiveness of protected areas, and to maximise ecological and socioeconomic benefits through the protection of natural as well as cultural values.

The Zoning Guideline is designed to ensure effective management of protected areas to enhance ecosystem functions and services and to sustain economic development for the long-term benefit of future generations, in conformity with the Protected Areas Law and the development policies of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Download the Zoning Guideline here. 


About the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia

The Ministry of Environment is the key agency responsible for environmental protection and natural resources conservation and livelihood improvement through community protected areas. The General Directorate of Administration for Nature Conservation and Protection (GDANCP) is responsible for managing all protected areas and for developing and implementing the protected areas strategic management plans for the sustainability of natural resources and livelihoods.