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Asia Parks Congress

APAP was initiated at the first-ever Asia Parks Congress (APC), which took place in Sendai, Japan, from 13 through 17 November 2013. 

The APC was held to address increasing pressures on the region’s protected areas. The theme of the APC was “Parks Connect,” emphasising the role of protected areas in connecting people, nature, cultural and values and wider landscapes. 

Around 500 participants from Asia and beyond gathered to collaborate on solutions for the challenges that face Asia’s national parks, wilderness areas, nature reserves and other similar sites. The APC was established with the aim to chart a course for the future of protected areas in Asia.  

The event highlighted the important contribution of protected areas in addressing global issues including climate change, biodiversity loss, sustainable development and disaster risk reduction. 

The outcomes of the APC included the following:

The report on the proceedings of the APC is available for download for additional information about this event.

Learn about APAP's objectives and activities