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APAP Technical Workshops

 1. The First Technical Workshop
Date/Location: 17-20 November 2015/Ishigaki, Japan
Theme: Collaborative Management on Protected Areas
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View Photo album here.
2. The Second Technical Workshop
Date/Location: 13-15 February 2017/Hakone, Japan
Theme: Collaborative Management of Protected Areas
View summary report here.
View Photo album here.
3. The Third Technical Workshop
Date/Location: 6-8 November 2017/Thimphu, Bhutan
Theme: Human-Wildlife Conflict
View summary report here.
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4. The Fourth Technical Workshop
Date/Location: 19-21 June 2018/Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea
Theme: Management Effectiveness Evaluation (MEE) and the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas
View Summary Report here.
View photo album here.

Fourth Technical Workshop group photo

 5. Master Class on the Prevention and Mitigation of Human-Elephant Conflict
Date/Location: 12-15 February/Bangkok, Thailand
Theme: Human-Elephant Conflict
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Fourth Technical Workshop group photo

6. IUCN Asia Regional Conservation Forum side-event
Date/Location: 6 November 2019/ Islamabad, Pakistan
Theme: Promoting regional collaboration, best practices and innovative solutions for Asia's protected areas
View agenda here

APAP Steering Committee Meetings

1.   The First Steering Committee Meeting
      Date/Location: 2 June 2015/Bangkok, Thailand

2.   The Second Steering Committee Meeting
      Date/Location: 14-15 July 2016/Bangkok, Thailand
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3.   The Third Steering Committee Meeting
      Date/Location: 2-3 August 2017/Bangkok, Thailand
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4.   The Fourth Steering Committee Meeting
Date/Location: 12-13 July 2018/Bangkok, Thailand

5.   The Fifth Steering Committee Meeting
Date/Location: 24-25 July 2019/Bangkok, Thailand


Global events

Side event at CBD COP14
Date/Location: 21 November 2018/Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
View side event flyer here.